The Attractive Quality of Miss Page Analyzed

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Sep 17, 2012 2:27 am

The Attractive Quality of Miss Page Analyzed

All the members of this board are self-proclaimed fans of EP but this topic is more than just what a person likes about EP. This topic is an analysis of what attracts fans to EP.

(Note to Moderators- Having searched through the ‘All About Ellen’ section and only finding the locked topic ‘What makes Ellen so unique and compelling to you as an actor’ and not finding the referenced topic on IMDb AND this being a relevant topic to anyone on this board I hereby post this topic in good faith.)

(Note to readers- No disrespect is intended in this post and words or phrases that may appear at first to be insulting or demeaning are in actuality a reflection of my own endeavors to be clinical and articulate.)

(1) Actor Quality- Since Mouth to Mouth her supporting roles (X-Men LS, The Stone Angel, Smart People, Inception, Super, TRWL) and lead roles are equal; the movies she has been in have done poorly 8:5 and of those 5 three were destined to do well (X-Men LS, Inception, TRWL) while the many aspects of the film Juno (acting, music, story, etc.) clicked with a large segment of the viewing population, and Hard Candy’s sales were no doubt boosted by pedophiles and those with pedophilic tendencies. While it’s impossible to accurately judge EP’s acting ability without knowing her an approximation can be made, and on a scale with 1 as terrible, 4 as descent, 5 as adequate, 6 good and 10 as perfect, I’d rate her as an actor as 6 good with the caveat that because her roles have been so similar it’s difficult to correctly classify. For comparison I’d rate Clint Eastwood a 5 as an actor and a 10 in his genre, I’d rate Natalie Portman as an 8.5 and Denzel Washington as a 10. In Mouth to Mouth there is a scene with EP around a water fountain in France, and when she asks about making things better for street kids it seems, to me, that she completely drops character for that question- this insignificant lapse is the worst acting I’ve seen of EP. I believe her best performance was in Hard Candy as Halley who is such a strong, articulate character that is believably protrayed. This role is unlike any other EP has played, being a strong willed character that is also entirely different than how she comes across in interviews. Being rated a 6 as an actor I’d say it’s unlikely a person is a fan of EP due to her amazing acting abilities, though they may be a fan of EP due to the roles she plays; as a person wouldn’t be a fan of John Wayne because of his amazing acting range but because he plays strong “good” characters, so too a person may be a fan of EP’s roles who have mainly been vulnerable, insecure characters: Mouth to Mouth, The Tracey Fragments, Juno (being a pregnant 16 year old is being in a position of vulnerability), Smart People, Whip It, Peacock, Inception (her vulnerability arises from being in the unfamiliar world of dream-sharing).

(2) EP the persona- Despite acting since 10 she doesn’t seem to be a professional actress in the sense of seeming superior, say as Natalie Portman; she is not polished or refined. She gives notoriously bad interviews (I believe due to her nervousness that comes from mental insecurity that has been imprinted upon her throughout her life by other people being able to control the conversation/situation due to her short stature in conjunction with the natural nervousness that anyone would have upon becoming a celebrity - though she is improving despite the Chelsea Lately meltdown). She is a passive interviewee; she only responds to questions, she doesn’t direct the conversation as compared to Alec Baldwin in the Charlie Rose interview. The one time she picked up a topic ( the paparazzi photo’ing Mrs. Cruz’s children) she was manipulated into relinquishing control of the conversation by Mr. Rose’s “It IS important to say…” which at first appeared to be him interrupting EP to agree with her by making her point for her but instead he responds to a statement Mrs. Cruz had just made by defending his show and CBS NEWs, during which time he focus his attention on EP while it was Mrs. Cruz who questioned the validity of the News media. Alec Baldwin, who on the show and in press shots seemed to being taking EP under his wing, interrupts Mrs. Cruz to respond to Mr. Rose’s interruption by saying “ I have an important question” (takes place around 37:40 of the interview). The entire interview is an interesting example of different personalities and group dynamics. During an interview about her Oscar nomination she so poorly articulated the experience that the interviewer described it for EP with EP thanking her and telling her she stated it “so much better”, at that point the interview completely changed with the next questions having non-subjective factual answers such as who she sat next to at the Oscars and who was she in pictures with. In her appearances on the Craig Ferguson Show, Mr. Ferguson completely directs the conversation, at times even steering it away from legitimate topics towards meaningless blather. Mr. Letterman stays on safe subjects such as the Halifax explosion; the interviews seeming more like a history test with EP getting an A for correct answers but a C for confidence in them. While Mr. Leno had a brief awkward moment with EP when she was relating an incident involving her sleeping condition and an ex-boyfriend, in addition to pointing at a guest. This lack of polish or refinement compels the interviewers to go for the low hanging fruit of conversation that EP comes from Halifax, where upon EP describes it as this little town up north and how she likes it’s natural setting, and sometimes she gives little anecdotes that only have meaning for those involved, etc. This gives her a girl next door/down to earth / every girl quality. There’s a sense that one just might see her serving espresso at their neighborhood barista, or walking down the street.

(3) However the defining characteristic of EP is her short stature, though not always immediately evident on the screen; I’ve noticed a high frequency of short extras/ supporting cast members, and scenes with EP sitting in chairs or walking either behind or in front of people, rarely next to them, and frequent use of single shots of EP and the actors she is interacting with. For illustrative purposes stretch your arms out wide, chances are you’re taller than 5’1’’ and that EP would fit in between the distance of your fingertips. This is not the traditional sex appeal, one wouldn’t wish for their children to be so short; however there can be no argument that EP does sexually attract fans. I’ve seen posts by males and females expressing their infatuation with EP, so where does this attraction stem from? I would say it comes from the vulnerability projected by the characters EP portrays in movies, the insecure nature she projects during interviews; all of which I believe is due to her diminutive stature.

(4) I believe her physical inferiority has enabled others, her entire life, to subjugate her in social situations which has hindered her from competing conversationally which has imprinted her with a mental inferiority and/ inexperience, at least in social situations, which is perceived by others as insecurity. This perceived insecurity by others originally stems from her stature (as stated above) and is reinforced by it by other people treating her different or special (being abnormally aggressive or kind) and being overly familiar with her which has the effect of creating/reinforcing a dependent personality; dependent personalities are by definition insecure. To this add becoming a TV actress at ten, which lead to becoming an world renown actress with Juno. As such EP would have an abnormal social development because of her height and fame.

(5) In closing I believe EP is, at least perceived by others, to be insecure and projects a sense of vulnerability and it is these two qualities that attract most of her fans as an actress.
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Sep 23, 2012 2:11 pm

For me, the best quality of this actress, is his ability to play all the roles in the cinematography landscape.
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Jan 31, 2013 2:00 am

I'd like to weigh in on this, if I may. Keep in mind, nothing I write is intended to be argumentative or opposite to your own opinions, but just my own observations in relation to what you're saying...

(1) I see you've rated Ellen's acting ability a 6/10. Although I'd prefer not to rate her myself, mainly because it might be slightly biased (even though I always keep an analytical, level head), I'd honestly give her a higher rating than that, overall.

The way I try to see acting is multifaceted rather than a one-sided number (like most people). I like to gauge an actor on levels such as ability to delve into a role/character rather than simply "act"; if applicable, the ability to transform into characters (ex. Heath Ledger as The Joker) and perhaps, almost not recognize them, whether physically and/or personality-wise; delivery of lines; emotional connection to the role; genuine emotional connection with the viewer to the role; etc.

Based on the different levels I provided above, I think Ellen deserves higher than a 6. She may not deliver all of her lines on the same level as some of the best actors we've ever seen, especially considering she typical plays roles that are more down to earth and don't demand big changes in appearance, voice, etc., but I think she wins big points when it comes to being able to delve into her roles in such a way that makes most of them seem very different than others. Even if she's played multiple roles of a similar personality type, I still feel she sinks into a role much more than many actors out there. Johnny Depp and Gary Oldman are great examples of actors who are like this, and I don't think Ellen is really all that far off, which is impressive considering her relatively shorter career and lack of triple-A titles, so far.

One of the biggest things I like to look for in a quality actor is one who can bring a refreshing and unique appeal often, regardless of the role. I honestly think many people overrate actors who will typically play most of their roles in the same way they do for almost every one of their other films, and Ellen does not do this except for when the role is mostly devoid of a unique or bold character/personality. A great actor isn't one who is just very skilled at acting; it's one who is both skilled at acting and great at playing everything they do differently and refreshingly.

You've made a good point when it comes to Ellen usually playing vulnerable characters, but I think that will change over time. I could actually see her playing an (almost) opposite type of character, really, but I don't think too many projects come her way like that, at least not yet.

(2) Although we all know Ellen's personality is one that can reveal nervousness, social awkwardness and a certain level of nerdiness/geekiness, I don't think it's all that fair to say someone else is that much better in their career because of having a more confident-seeming personality. (I'm not saying you think this, I'm just speaking in general.)

I don't know Ellen personally, of course, but I see a lot of myself in her, so I think I may know where she's coming from... I have a strong self esteem and confidentiality within me (keep in mind, not to any egotistical point, by no means), but when it comes to strange social situations, it may not appear that way so much.

People who are smart and intelligent, like Ellen, can have a tough time when in certain situations. Even a strong vocabulary can be a curse when you're trying to find the right words to say but stumble while you speak because of everything going on in your head... I know the feeling well, and I don't think it really has to do with insecurity so much.

Also, I think Ellen has an inner dedication to being careful not to reveal too much of herself, and this allows her confidence to seem lacking when, meanwhile, it's more a question of what is she not saying. A lot of people come across as confident when they're very used to social situations and/or they only have something small to say, but when you have a lot more to say, but don't know how to pace it or go about providing it all, it may leave you feeling unsure, and this may very well be the times when Ellen likes to let the interviewer command an interview rather than Ellen taking the reins.

(3-5) I think I may have something to add to this...

As you said, Ellen has a girl-next-door quality to her, as well as a short stature and non-traditional sex appeal. This is all true, and definitely factors in people finding Ellen attractive, but there's one more thing you didn't mention, perhaps a huge factor for many people... That is, Ellen's mysterious sexuality and androgynous expression/personality. Now, believe me, I'm not labeling Ellen in any way or assuming anything of her personal side - I would never do that - but I think it's safe to say there are things about her we all think is going on but may not know.

I don't intend to provide some lengthy history of my life, but again, I see a lot of myself in Ellen, and I think I may be able to sense certain things in her that some others may not quite as strongly... With differences in gender identity and sexual orientation can come an "always-there" feeling of indifference and awkwardness to those around you, especially if you're not "out," publicly. Although I know nothing of Ellen, factually, when it comes to this, I think there may be things going on with Ellen in this realm that may add to her outward personality seeming a little closed off or awkward, especially when this is brought up by interviewers in subtle ways.

So, I find a lot of Ellen's charm, to many people, is her appealingly mysterious nature and attractiveness to those who are "different" in this way, and even those who aren't... I'm sure those of you reading this understand what I'm saying.

I'm sorry for such a long response, but I just felt like adding my own thoughts. :)

Thanks a lot for reading!
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