Is it worth writing to Ellen?

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Oct 04, 2010 9:41 pm

Quick Introduction: Hi, I'm James and I'm a pretty new Ellen fan: After seeing Juno about two weeks ago, I went and got myself a Lovefilm subscription to rent all her movies. (Hard Candy is flipping amazing stuff, the change between Juno and Hayley is a piece of amazing acting, they're two completely different characters, yet they both seem like Ellen in a strange amazing way...) I think, as most of you do, that she's an amazing actress, and I'm really impressed/amazed by her philanthropic work, (150 Campaign, 10:10:10 and "Bee the National Change" campaign) I've been lurking for a short while, and am already in awe of Dominik's collection. Just amazing really. Thanks for your future kindness, and I wish everybody good health and a good cinematographic future!

My question is this: As a resident of the UK, is it worth it writing and sending a letter and some autograph material to Ellen. I don't mean so much the writing of a letter, that's certainly not a waste of time, but as a Student, it can be hard to pay for things, and postage to the USA (and back for an SAO) is pretty expensive. Do you think I'll get a reply, or is she too famous now.. As a quick poll, of those who have written, how many have gotten replies? Firstly for a signed photograph and secondly for an actual reply to a letter.

Thank you so much in advance guys (and gals for that matter),
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Oct 05, 2010 12:23 am

Well first off welcome to EPO! Great community to join, everyone here is great, haven't run into anyone who wasn't completely nice here yet. You made a good choice :totalhappy: . ... &start=440

Introduce yourself there, pretty tight community here actually we like to get to know each other. Oh and while you're at it check the board's Rules, just to help keep the board as great as it is.

Anyway I haven't tried, I know a few people here have and a few have gotten replies, the ones I know for sure are miKe and Dominik, Dominik got through pretty easily because of his work which she appreciates, and miKe got through easily because he wrote before Juno and all that and got a personal reply.

It's really up to discretion if you think it's worth it, she'll more than likely receive it at some point and maybe read it, but I don't know how often she responds though. If you wanna give it a shot now is the time to do it though, not busy compared to her usual schedule. She has no new shooting lined up that she's aware of at the moment, unless something comes up, so send a letter now rather than later. I should probably try too, I mean where I live it'd take maybe a couple days to get to her agents... I wish I knew for a fact it'd get to her and she'd open it, I'd send a dog toy :laugh: .
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