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crazy burgers wrote:
Jan 30, 2012 2:13 pm
I'm not sure why the title is what it is but it's quite late in the night and I think I'm witty (you have all the permission to change the title. However, I was hoping someone could point me to the right website. It was (so so) long ago she posted a link to her Facebook about environmental shoes/boots. She commented that upon doing so she realized that not everyone could afford them but it was a shout out. She admitted to have previously wearing Chuck Taylor's and Nike. I have checked her older posts but it only goes back so far. So, does anyone know about anything I'm talking about?

EDIT: Oh and I was going to post this in the Facebook/Twitter thread thinking it would be best to go in there, but it's locked.
[Update] Moved topic...JimH
Just replying if someone needs the info in the future (I know this was discussed on Anything/Everything).

@EllenPage on Facebook, Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at 8:19am:
i have these shoes.
anti converse - anti nike
we can all do our best to make good choices. anything new i buy i look for as sustainable materials as possible, vegan and try my best for products made in unionized shops. ultimately though, i rarely shop, i try my best to not consume which is easy for me because i don't like shopping. if i do "need" something, i go for pre owned first.
the drag is making a good choice often costs more. i am in a very fortunate position where i can spend more to put my money where my mouth is and i am aware that people cannot pay more to buy products that have less impact, which of course makes no sense. perhaps if we all start asking questions, start not supporting companies that perpetuate suffering to people, animals and the earth that things will change.
best wishes to everyone.
@EllenPage on Facebook, Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at 8:25am:
don't get me wrong, i have worn nike in the past, as well as converse, i am sure there are many pictures around with me wearing such products...but i am over supporting companies that are causing harm in the world and i want to make positive choices in all the ways i can.
@EllenPage on Facebook, Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at 1:48pm:
I am seeing comments re the cost of BlackspotShoes. I did not say people should buy them, I just shared that I wear them. I understand that I am in a fortunate position to make these choices, I am aware that people cannot pay extra for such a product so please don't assume that I am blind to that. This is a problem with manufactured goods; to have less impact we must pay more is illogical. Hopefully that will change.

We all know what happened later...
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